Ant Colony, Self-Authored C++ Game Engine



Project Description

Wrote a DLL plugin containing the logic necessary for an ant colony to feed itself and fight other colonies to the death in multiple maps with distinctive characteristics and composition.

 Project Highlights

  • DLL created and stored all representative information about the map and the colony itself, populating this storage as more of the map was discovered and the colony grew.
  • Food locations were noted and claimed by individual worker ants to avoid multiple ants trying to retrieve the same food. Food was unclaimed if a worker died while trying to retrieve it.
  • All ants pathed using a fast implementation of A* in which the closed list was eliminated (map cells had a boolean on themselves to indicate if they were closed) and the open list consisted of map cell indices.
  • Cells were assigned different G costs for different ant types to facilitate more efficient and strategic exploration.

 Code Snippets