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SMU Guildhall, Plano, TX

Professional Certificate, Specialization in Software DevelopmentMay 2017

The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

Master of Science, Applied Cognition and NeuroscienceMay 2014
Bachelor of Science, Cognitive ScienceMay 2012

Work Experience

IT Security Analyst, NetBoundary, Carrollton, TX
September 2014 – July 2015

  • Monitoring security appliances such as IDS/IPS, Log Management, and SIEMs.
  • Researching and responding to security incidents.
  • PCI compliance reporting.

Research Assistant, UT Dallas Neural Engineering Lab, Richardson, TX
January 2013 – May 2013

  • Handled and behaviorally trained rats and conducted auditory testing sessions to generate experimental data to be used in tinnitus research.
  • Developed MATLAB applications to analyze experimental data generated during testing sessions.

Individual Projects

 Ant Colony, Self-Authored C++ Game Engine
1 Month, 2016

  • Wrote DLL plugin containing logic necessary for an ant colony to feed itself and fight other colonies to death.
  • Colony could function on multiple maps with distinctive characteristics and composition.
  • All ants pathed using fast implementation of A* in which open list consisted of map cell indices.

Steering Behaviors, Self-Authored C++ Game Engine
2 Months, 2016

  • Implemented seek, flee, arrive, path follow, wander, pursue, and evade.
  • Wander used circle centered certain distance out along the forward vector of the agent. Agent would pick a random point along the outer edge of this circle to accelerate toward to produce a meandering behavior.
  • Arrive throttled velocity within a radius around target to come to a smooth stop.


Game Programming Experience

Mouse Playhouse3D Unreal Engine 4 VR Puzzle, Team Size: 18
6 Months, 2016

  • Implemented animations for main menu mice and Meowbots.
  • Hat collection and unlocking.
  • Mouse footprint particle effect and mouse poofing on top of cheese.
  • Level selection system.

Iron Games, 3D Unreal Engine 4 CTF FPS, Team Size: 10
4 Months, 2016

  • Rocket launcher with splash damage, knockback, and homing.
  • CTF gameplay, including flag mechanics.
  • Kill tracker that displays victim and killer names, along with the weapon used.
  • In-game leaderboard that displays player names along with associated kill and death counts.

Laika, 2D Unity Mobile Tilt-Based Flyer, Team Size: 5
2 Months, 2016

  • Tilt-based controls for ship movement.
  • Game state and score tracking systems.
  • Mobile-focused performance optimizations.

Return to Color, 2.5D Unity Puzzle Platformer, Team Size: 14
4 Months, 2014

  • Raycast-based collision checking between characters and level hazards.
  • UI elements, including a color wheel-like radial GUI used to split characters into component colors, an active character GUI, and custom, context-sensitive cursors.

Comrade Quest, 2D Unity Brawler Platformer, Team Size: 10
4 Months, 2013

  • AI for enemy grunts and bosses.
  • Context-sensitive and designer-customizable enemy spawning.
  • Camera that frames two players on-screen simultaneously.
  • UI functionality, including player health bars and menu screens.

Control Room, 2D GameMaker Strategy, Team Size: 10
4 Months, 2013

  • AI pathfinding used by the infiltrators to move through the level.
  • Context-sensitive behavior that allows the infiltrators to act differently in different situations (such as when being attacked by a guard or triggering an alarm).
  • Following camera and pause functionality.