Comrade Quest, 2D Unity Brawler Platformer, Team Size: 10

Project Description



  • Duration: 4 Months, 2013
  • Comrade Quest is 2D platforming/brawling game developed in Unity by a team of UT Dallas students for the Spring 2014 semester Game Production Lab class. Comrade Quest features local cooperative multiplayer in which two players must work together to overcome platforming challenges and baddies concocted by the evil Crapitalist regime. Players control Olaf, a man with a prehensile beard that can be used in combat.

Individual Contributions

  • AI implementation for enemy grunts and bosses.
  • Context-sensitive and designer-customizable enemy spawning.
  • Camera that frames two players on-screen simultaneously.
  • UI elements, including player health bars and menu screens.


Code Snippets

All of my individual programming work on this project was done in C#.