Control Room, 2D GameMaker Strategy, Team Size: 10

Project Description



  • Duration: 4 months, 2013
  • Control Room is a 2D puzzle/strategy game developed in GameMaker by a team of UT Dallas students for the Fall 2013 semester Game Production Lab class. In Control Room, the player is tasked with indirectly assisting a group of rebels infiltrating a heavily guarded and trap-filled facility. The player, a control room operator for the facility, has gone rogue and must manage suspicion while also ensuring that the infiltrators reach their goals, such as hacking computer terminals and progressing deeper into the facility.

Individual Contributions

  • AI pathfinding used by the infiltrators to move through the level.
  • Context-sensitive behavior that allows the infiltrators to act differently in different situations (such as when being attacked by a guard or triggering an alarm).
  • Following camera and pause functionality.


Code Snippets

All of my individual programming work on this project was done in GameMaker Language.