Return to Color, 2.5D Unity Puzzle Platformer, Team Size: 14

Project Description



  • Duration: 4 Months, 2014
  • Return to Color is a 2.5D puzzle-platformer that utilizes the concept of additive color. A graphics card has short-circuited, and its little inhabitants work to restore color to their world. Help Red, Green, Blue, and the other colors reach the Color Cores to bring back the color. Each have their own special ability to navigate through the world, and can mix together to create new colors, personalities, and powers!

Individual Contributions

  • Raycast-based collision checking between characters and level hazards.
  • UI elements, including a color wheel-like radial GUI used to split characters into component colors, an active character GUI, and custom, context-sensitive cursors.


Code Snippets

All of my individual programming work on this project was done in C#.